Perfectly shaped!

I still recall my joyful anticipation for the Easter egg hunt when I was a child. I could not wait to get outside in the garden to find little presents and colourful eggs hidden in the lush green grass and the blooming shrubs. There could have been hardly a deeper disappointment as to wake up in the morning with the rain pouring down making the outdoor egg hunt impossible. One fair Easter Sunday I found a shiny red colored egg tucked into a huge green Tulip leaf by our neighbour although my parents had told me that I already picked all hidden eggs. I don't know exactly why I remember this particular egg as one of my favorite gifts today. Maybe because it came as a surprise from people I have not expected from at all. I remember the feel of the egg in my little palms. It felt chilly from the fresh morning air and perfectly shaped.

I had this episode in mind when I painted the eggs for my current DIY Easter egg story. Guess which egg idea was my favorite? The red one ... Results are coming soon!

Hope you all had Happy Easter Holidays!

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