Botanical chain of lights - Mimosa

I proudly present my first blog post as a part of my new homepage. Here I am going to show you every now and then my current projects which are still in progress and not yet ready to enter the portfolio. I consider this as an appropriate way to keep you in loop about new features which will be available in due course or just to deliver some work in progress impressions.

For now I keep maintaining my blog simultaneously. Therefore you might find there the same content displayed. After this interim period I will focus on my new homepage and the embedded blog.

Today I want you to have a glimpse on my dealing with Mimosas, a free production which I had in mind for a long time already. Maybe there is one particular reason I

was reluctant until now: I have to confess I am not keen on yellow shades. Exept for this amazing plant ... (and as you might have realized - autumnal birch leafs). I can not get enough of Mimosas. During the last days while I was shooting these fragile botanical chains of lights I enjoyed being surrounded by their incredible scent ... Outside grey wintery clouds still hide the sun, all the more I ask myself now what was the reason for hesitating. The bright yellow of Mimosa blossoms beamed straight into my dull February sentiment which is longing for spring more then ever.


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