"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."        


Welcome and  thank you for your interest in my work!  I am a Munich based visual storyteller, who covers conception, styling and photographing.   As a former free lance editor I had to take some detours to arrive where I am today. I am quite grateful for having the chance to let the beauty of the things that I love actually be my everyday's business. 

To me our world presents its versatile and genuine beauty in the supposed simple things: colourful dancing autumn leafs, the texture of softly falling fabrics or the silk and chill feel of handcrafted ceramics … Although having different sources and appearances, they all aim quietly to convey their profound value in our lives. Far from merely being beautiful these things make us feel connected with their simplicity and modest existence. I am convinced this is of great importance since our daily struggles keep us more and more apart from feeling firmly grounded. 

Changing into the field of music I could put it like this: For me photography is an appropriate instrument to evoke the inner sounds of things and make them audible in a noisy world. You may consider this phrase as somewhat esoteric, but actually it is not. It reflects a basic capacity of photography: Practiced with eye, heard and mind it can transform the specific and ephemeral into something universal and enduring. It freezes a split-second, stops the whooshing time and allows us to inhale deeply and linger. To create and capture such a moment of balance and beauty when the world stops spinning too fast is my challenge and joy.

Therefore photography to me is a lifelong school to learn to look and see, referring to the music metaphor -to listen and hear. I would be glad if you enjoy discovering my pictures as I enjoyed creating them.